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Thanks for showing me a great time. I've never seen so many deer in my life! Keep me informed on the weather for a spring turkey hunt.

Todd Petersen

Turkey Hunts

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There's nothing like the rush you get on a calm, sunny, spring morning when you've just settled into your blind, let out a few yelps, and a huge tom's gobble almost blows you away. Our land holds hundreds of turkeys, making success rates great for the hunt of a lifetime.

Blinds, decoys, and calling all provided. We also offer spot and stalk, and fall turkey hunts.

Tekamah, NE


3-day turkey
(includes 3 turkeys)


Additional birds in fall

$50 each



  • Guiding with good calling experience
  • Blinds & decoys
  • Game cleaning
  • Self-guided hunts available


What to Bring

  • Camouflage clothing
  • Boots
  • 2 weapons (in case one malfunctions)
  • Ammunition



Fall Archery & Shotgun

Sept. 15 - Jan. 31

Spring Archery

March 24 - May 31

Spring Youth Shotgun

April 7 - May 31

Spring Shotgun

April 14 - May 31

Fall Archery & Shotgun

Sept. 15 - Dec. 31



1 Turkey per Permit

3 permit limit

2 Turkeys per Permit


2 permit limit

Spring/Fall Turkey, Resident


Spring/Fall Turkey, Nonresident




Habitat Stamp (except for residents 15 & under) 


Bowhunter or Hunter Education (Ages 12 - 29)


An Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate is available for those who have not completed the education requirements. Firearm or crossbow hunters under age 12 and those using the exemption certificate can never hunt alone and must be accompanied when hunting anything with a firearm or crossbow. The accompanying person, must be age 19 or older, a licensed hunter and if age 19-29, must be certified in hunter education. Accompanied means you must be in unaided verbal and visual communications at all times. This certificate may be obtained once in each person's lifetime, expires on Dec. 31 and may be renewed once. The fee is $5.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission