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Thanks for showing me a great time. I've never seen so many deer in my life! Keep me informed on the weather for a spring turkey hunt.

Todd Petersen

Deer Hunts

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Riverfront owns and leases over 3,000 acres in big buck country. Our trophy deer generally range in scores of 130-160 inches, with many bucks scoring 160+ roaming our land. The management processes we use are producing bigger bucks, year after year.

The great thing about hunting in Nebraska is that they still offer over-the-counter deer permits. Nebraska's rifle season is set up to coincide with the peak of the rut. This makes the last part of the early bow season a great time to hunt also.

We provide all stands and blinds. We typically use one-on-one guiding, but can arrange guiding to suit you.


Tekamah, NE


5-day archery
(Sept. 15-Oct. 14)


5-day archery
(Oct. 15-Oct.30)


5-day archery
(Nov. 2-Nov. 11)


3-day rifle
(Nov. 12-Nov. 22)


4-day rifle
(Nov. 12-Nov. 22)


5-day archery
(Nov. 21-Nov.30)


4-day early muzzleloader
(Dec. 1-Dec. 12)


3-day muzzleloader
(Dec. 13-Dec. 24)


1-day muzzleloader hunts
(Dec. 27-Dec. 31)


Book 4 hunters and the 5th is free

*hunt any deer or turkey season, anytime. Two bucks, 7 turkey, unlimited doe.


Kids ages 10-15 are $1000 on all deer hunts.



  • Guide
  • Blinds & stands
  • Year-round scouting
  • Game cleaning
  • Custom hunts available
  • Self-guided hunts available
  • Doe hunts available


What to Bring

  • Warm camouflage clothing (it gets cold in Nebraska!)
  • Boots, preferable insulated
  • 2 weapons (in case one malfunctions)
  • Ammunition
  • We recommend binoculars for all rifle and muzzleloader hunts



Sept. 15 - Dec. 31

October, antlerless
Any weapon

Oct. 1 - 10


Nov. 12 - 20

Elkhorn Earn-a-Buck

Nov. 12 - 22


Dec. 1-31

Season Choice
Antlerless, Area 18


Dec. 26 - Jan. 18

Permit Requirements

2 permit limit, 1 buck per permit, unlimited does

Firearm, archery, muzzleloader:
Resident $30
Nonresident $209
Youth $6

Statewide buck:
Resident $73.50
Nonresident $521


 October, antlerless
 Resident $11
 Nonresident $55


Season Choice, antlerless
Resident $30
Nonresident $55


Habitat Stamp



Bowhunter or Hunter Education (Ages 12 - 29)


  • Elkhorn
  • Statewide Buck
  • Season Choice Area 18

An Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate is available for those who have not completed the education requirements. Firearm or crossbow hunters under age 12 and those using the exemption certificate can never hunt alone and must be accompanied when hunting anything with a firearm or crossbow. The accompanying person, must be age 19 or older, a licensed hunter and if age 19-29, must be certified in hunter education. Accompanied means you must be in unaided verbal and visual communications at all times. This certificate may be obtained once in each person's lifetime, expires on Dec. 31 and may be renewed once. The fee is $5.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commision