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Thank you very much for some of the best duck hunting I've ever experienced! The boys were all raving over how comfortable your blinds were and how well the ducks decoyed. We'll be in touch about ordering a couple blinds and to set up a hunt for next year.

Thanks again.

Mike Howard



Waterfowl's #1 Enemy

Riverfront fiberglass pit blinds and underground dog blinds are the premier hunting blinds for comfort and huntability.

We offer blinds in 12' and 24' lengths equipped with storage seats, waterproof foam cushions, tarps for keeping rain and snow out, and racks for our broom-corn camouflaging tops. Our 12' blinds seat 5 comfortably, 6 on the good days! Our 24' blinds seat 10 comfortably, 12 on a good day. 

Different packages are available; call for pricing.


Fiberglass Pit Blind

  • Steel reinforced
  • Sides-reinforced with 2" x 3" 11 gauge tubing
  • Floors reinforced with 3/16' x 2" x 2" square tubing
  • 12' Blind weighs approximately 1300 lbs
  • 12' blind seats 6 people, 5 comfortably
  • 24' blind seats 12 people, 10 comfortably



  • Blind is built to shoot in front or back
  • Height of blind is 52"
  • Tops are reinforced with 1" x 2" and 1" x 1" 14 gauge tubing
  • Shooting area is 12' long x 24" wide and overall length is 16' with steps on 12' blind
  • Built-in-shelves - front and back 8" x 12"
  • Back of blind slopes 3" for comfort
  • Top - 72" wide by 12' long
  • Floor Area - 50" wide by 12' long
  • Waterproof foam cushions for seats (71" x 16" x 3")
  • Sliding tarps - front and back for closure or rainy days
  • Hinged broom-corn blind covers for shooting area
  • Fiberglass seats w/storage 71" long x 16" top x 13" high
  • Tie-down anchors to secure blind in low sampy ground or flooded fields


Blind Option 1

  • No Top
  • Design your own Top


Blind Option 2

  • With Fiberglass Steel Top


Blind Option 3

  • Total package

 Broom-corn camouflaging is also available for $7.50/ft.

Blind Option 1

Blind Option 2

Blind Option 3

BlindOption1 BlindOption2 BlindOption3


Dog Blinds

No more wet dogs in your blinds! Our dog blinds allow comfort and visibility for your hunting partner. They are equipped with hinged tops for easy in-and-out access, an opening for their head for visibility, and a step that even the oldest dogs can maneuver.

High Visibility

The opening at the top gives your retriever greater visibility.


Easy Access

The side extension features steps into dog blind.


Hinged Top

The hinged top allow quick and easy in-and-out access. The dimensions are 24" x 24" x 26".